🔱Tri-Rewards Pool

xSTELLA staking pool for double-dipped yield farming, with rewards in 3 tokens: STELLA, GLMR, USDC

We would start off our widely-anticipated xSTELLA launch with a triple-reward (tri-reward), single-asset pool that allows xSTELLA stakers to earn 3 kinds of rewards: $STELLA, $GLMR and $USDC. Talk about starting things off with a STELLAR BANG! 🚀

First Use Case of xSTELLA Staking: xSTELLA Tri-Reward Pool

xSTELLA is a huge step in enhancing StellaSwap’s tokenomics, as it would directly maximize tokenholder-value. For every trade that occurs on StellaSwap, 0.05% of swap fees will be distributed back to xSTELLA holders. This means that there is a continuous buyback of $STELLA from the open market!

In order to make it sweeten the deal further, we have decided to launch an xSTELLA staking facility, so users can earn additional APR yields by staking their xSTELLA! This “double-dipping” would incentivize users to stake their $STELLA into xSTELLA and earn much more.

Details of Tri-Reward Pool

Here’s the details of the pool:

Total Rewards: $115,000 Reward Tokens: $STELLA + $GLMR + $USDC Start Date: 7 March, 00:00 AM UTC (Same time with xSTELLA launch) Duration: 30 Days Staking Location: xSTELLA Page

How Can I Stake into Tri-Reward Pool?

In order to participate in the tri-reward pool and start earning double-dipped APRs, here’s exactly what you need to do;

Step 1: Ensure that you have $STELLA token.

Step 2: Convert $STELLA into xSTELLA when xSTELLA feature is launched.

Step 3: Stake xSTELLA into the Tri-Reward pool located on the same xSTELLA page.

Step 4: Start earning double-dipped rewards! 💸

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