How to Get ASTAR Token on Moonbeam

Step1: Open XCM Page

Head to and connect your EVM wallet

Step2: Locate ASTAR Token in Cross-Chain Assets

Navigate to Cross-Chain Assets section and find Astar token. Click on Deposit

Step3: Input Amount

Connect your substrate wallet if you have not already. Input the amount you would like to send to Moonbeam then click Send.

Step4: Sign Transaction

On your Substrate wallet you will get a pop-up to confirm your transaction, click sign transaction. Status of transaction will be shown on the right of your screen.

Step5: Success! You have Sent ASTAR token to Moonbeam

It should take less than a minute for your transaction to get through. Once you see deposit transaction confirmed pop-up that means you received ASTR token to your Moonbeam wallet (xcASTR).