Cross-Chain Swap

Step by step guide to using 0xSQUID widget to swap assets cross-chain across Moonbeam and other EVM chains

StellaSwap have partnered with Squid and Axelar to give its users Cross-Chain swaps. Here is how to use it. In this guide we are swapping MATIC on Polygon to GLMR on Moonbeam.

Step 1: Open Cross-Chain Swap Widget

Navigate to StellaSwap swap page and click the toggle Cross-Chain Swap or directly open

Step 2: Select Chains and Assets

Once on Cross-Chain swap page select your source asset and source chain, we have chosen Polygon and USDC. then select your output chain and asset. we have chosen GLMR on Moonbeam so simply buying GLMR using USDC.

Step 3: Enter Amount

At this point you might get asked to switch to source network, click Switch Network and approve confirm in your wallet. Enter the amount you would like to swap and Click Submit.

Step 4: Confirm Transaction

Once you click Submit you will get few wallet transactions to sign including approving contract and sending tokens.

Step 5: Follow Progress

Your tokens are on their way, you can follow the progress at the bottom of the page and see the estimated usual time for your transaction type. As soon as you get all green ticks your transaction is done!

Now we have GLMR on Moonbeam coming from USDC on MATIC.

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