How to Send INTR & iBTC to Moonbeam (XCM)

A quick step by step guide to sending Interlay and iBTC assets from Interlay parachain to Moonbeam.

Step 1: Open Moonbeam App

Navigate to Stella Bridge, under Bridge click XCM transfer. Or head directly to

Step 2: Find iBTC or INTR

Locate iBTC or INTR in the cross-chain assets table and click on Deposit.

Step 3: Deposit Amount

Enter the value you would like to send and connect your dot wallet. Once done click Send and sign the transaction on your dot wallet.

Step 4: Wait For Transaction Confirmation

After signing the message it should take less than one minute for your funds to reach, you can follow the progress on the right of the screen.

Step 5: Add Token to Metamask (optional)

Once you have sent over your funds you can add the token addresses in Metamask to view your tokens in wallet. To do that click on add to wallet next to the token name you sent (iBTC or INTR) and approve the Metamask messages. Once done you should be able to see the tokens in your wallet.

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