How to Get Centrifuge (CFG) Token On Moonbeam

Step by step walk through to sending Centrifuge token on StellaSwap XCM Channel

Step 1: Open XCM Page

From StellaSwap Dapp navigate to Transfers then Cross-Chain XCM Transfer or directly head to

Step 2: Select CFG Token

Click on tokens to transfer, and select CFG. Then to send tokens from Centrifuge to Moonbeam choose Deposit

Step 3: Connect Wallet

After clicking deposit, you will be prompted to connect your substrate wallet. You can choose your wallet from three options, the tutorial is using Polkadot.js wallet. If you are unfamiliar with Substrate wallets click here to learn more

Step 4: Input Required Info

On this page you have to enter the desired amount you would like to send and the account you are sending from. Once done you can go ahead and click Send. You will be prompted to sign the transaction in your wallet.

Step 5: Check Status

After submitting the transaction it usually takes less than a minute to go through, once you see the message Transaction Submitted you are done!

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