How to Get Native USDT (xcUSDT) On Moonbeam

Here is a step by step guide on how to get native USDT (xcUSDT) on Moonbeam network. This guide will walk you through withdrawing USDT from Bitfinex all the way to getting USDT on your Metamask wallet to do DeFi things on StellaSwap.

What You Will Need:

1. USDT on Bitfinex

2. Polkadot Wallet, guide is using Polkadot.js extension

3. MetaMask Wallet

4. Small amount of DOT

Step 1: Ensure You Have DOT on StateMint

Make sure you have at least 0.1 DOT on the Polkadot address you want to withdraw to on Statemint, without DOT the withdrawal will not succeed. To send funds from Polkadot or any parachain to Statemint you can use, under Accounts select Teleport

Set destination to Statemint and input at least 0.1 DOT and send.

2. Withdraw USDT from Bitfenix to Statemint

Head to Bitfenix, go to Withdraw and make sure you have Tether(USD) on Polkadot selected as Transport. Input your Address, amount and request withdrawal. Once done you will be able to see it on Statemint block explorer, head to and paste your address in the search bar.

3. Send USDT to Moonbeam

Once you have USDT on Statemint you can use XCM channel (Cross-chain XC Transfer) to send it across Polkadot parachains. Head to, or simply navigate to Transfer, Cross-chain Transfer if you are already on StellaSwap Dappp.

Select USDt.xc as token and click on Deposit, connect to a wallet prompt may come up if you don't already have your polkadot wallet connected.

Input the amount you would like to send to Moonbeam and click Send, once you sign transaction in your wallet it will take few moments for the transaction to arrive.

4. Add Token to Metamask

Once transaction is done you will have xcUSDT on Moonbeam, you can add token contract address to Metamask to easily interact with it and see your balance. Just click on add xcUSDT to MetaMask and confirm add token on the metamask prompt.

5. Sucess you have successfully sent Native USDT to Moonbeam!

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