How to Get Bifrost (BNC) Token On Moonbeam

Step by step walk through to sending Bifrost BNC token on XCM Channel

Step 1: Open XCM Page

Head to

Step 2: Select BNC Token and Bifrost Network

Click on Token and from the drop down menu select BNC. Under From section choose Bifrost, and make sure the To is set to Moonbeam.

Step 3: Enter Amount To Send

Enter amount you would like to send and click Send, then sign the transaction.

Step 4: Wait For Transfer To Complete

After signing the transaction you will see this transaction status page, where you can wait for your funds to get through. It should not take long.

Step 5: Success! You Now Have BNC on Moonbeam

Once Transaction is done and you see the status changed to Transaction Completed, you now have BNC on Moonbeam and can start trading, farming on StellaSwap Dapp.

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