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Frequently Asked Questions on StellaSwap

When did StellaSwap Launch?

StellaSwap launched in tandem with the full EVM launch of Moonbeam, on January 11th, 2022.

Is StellaSwap Safe?

We've undergone not one but two audits by leading third-party audits in the DeFi space. Being double-audited reflects our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of security for the comfort of our users. You can find more information on the audits here:

What is STELLA?

$STELLA is StellaSwap's native token that is the main medium of exchange across our ecosystem of product offerings.

How Can I Stake Stella

  • Provide liquidity by staking your coins on StellaSwap's farms and earn high APYs

  • You’ll earn rewards in Stella + 0.25% of transaction fees

  • Stake $STELLA in xSTELLA and receive a portion of swap fees

What is the Max Supply of STELLA?

The maximum supply of $STELLA would be 500 million, with an emission distribution period of 3 years starting from our launch date. StellaSwap was launched via a fair launch model, which is the fairest way of protocol launch and token distribution.

Note - Our emissions schedule is not linear, our current emissions are lower than that. We are actively managing our emissions to balance liquidity incentives and token value.

How do I know that Stella is a successful dex?

You’ll need to DYOR. However, here are some helpful resources

Hit the filter at the bottom to 24 hours, and then sort by Volume. This will tell you how much trading volume each pool on each dex on moonbeam gets

As of this writing, we’re the top dex on Moonbeam by both TVL and transaction volumes.

Should I LP my tokens? I heard about Impermanent Loss and it sounds scary!

Don’t be afraid! Effectively what this means is, if you hold 2 tokens in an LP and they both go up, when you withdraw you’ll have proportionally more of whichever one went up less.

It’s important to remember you’ll still have more money than you started (assuming they did go up!), just not as much as if you had simply held whichever one of the two tokens performed better. Assuming you can’t tell the future, using an LP and having “Impermanent Loss” is a way to hedge your bets between two tokens.

And also remember, you’ll be earning rewards and fees along the way.

Here’s an impermanent loss calculator you can use to estimate it

Stella Rewards + LP fees + price action - Impermanent Loss, is the way to think about this.

Common Support Questions

How do I bridge my tokens to Moonbeam?

Check out our guides -

Also, note that bridging can sometimes take a little while. Don’t panic when your tokens don’t show up immediately.

Where can I get gas for my first Moonbeam transaction?

You can use our Swap-for-Gas feature:

Your token is not supported? You can try our faucet as well (link at the bottom of that page)

Where can I go to get support?

Check out our discord

I just withdrew my tokens from a farm and my rewards are gone!

Don’t worry! Anytime you interact with a farm, your rewards will auto harvest

Why can’t I trade my stablecoins?

Moonbeam has several different “brands” of stablecoin, one for each bridge. There’s Celer, Multichain, Nomad, etc. They’re not interchangeable, and all have different contract addresses, and you’ll need to swap from one to another.

The website is broken in some way! Metamask won’t do anything when I click buttons!

It’s most likely a browser issue on your side. Clear cookies, restart browser, all that sort of stuff

Never EVER do this. Mods will not DM you. And we will NEVER ask for any personal information, especially seed phrases.

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