In the spirit of true decentralization and unequivocal fairness, Stella has decided to adopt a fair launch model for token distribution.

The primary goal of a fair launch, as its name suggest, is to distribute almost all of the tokens to users on our platform. This is in contrast to the frequently used model for token distribution such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Token Generating Events (TGE) or Initial Decentralized Offerings (IDO) that allocates a considerable chunk of their tokens to initial investors and institutional investors. Stella wants everyone to have access to our tokens in a fair and transparent manner.

StellaSwap's native token - STELLA - will be a governance token that is embedded with various value-accrual mechanisms and utility to maximize tokenholder value. The token distribution follows a fixed supply, linear emission model that is coupled with burning or deflationary mechanisms to reduce overall supply.

Tokenomics Breakdown




Maximum Supply

500,000,000 STELLA

Current Daily Emissions

35,000 STELLA

Distribution Period

3 Years+

Token Allocation

As seen below


StellaSwap's treasury will accrue revenue from the protocol with the mandate of maximizing tokenholder value through various mechanisms such as buy-backs & burn. The revenue vectors will be derived from the following vectors;

  • 0.05% of exchange trading fees (Redirected to xSTELLA holders)

  • 2.5% Swap-For-Gas Fees

  • 20% of cumulative trade fees on NFT marketplace (Upcoming)

  • 20% of cumulative listing fees on IDO launchpad (Upcoming)

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