We have assembled a team of solid developers in the field of cybersecurity & smart contracts development, and also experienced individuals that have scaled financial technology (fintech) solutions globally.

Why are we anonymous?

Like many DeFi and crypto projects, we are anonymous to preserve the spirit of decentralization and "letting the product speak for itself". The very nature of blockchains are global and permissionless, and that's the philosophy that we want to entrench in what we do. Full empowerment to the community through governance is the ideal state that we're working towards, and in that process, identities may serve to compromise the governance dynamics.

In fact, we're not totally anonymous. We've been KYC-ed by Moonbeam's leadership team and they know who we are and what we're capable of. Right now, as with many other DeFi projects, we're publicly anonymous as we want the protocol to be the #1 priority. This is especially critical when we reach to a stage of full governance.

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