Gasless Feature for Getting Gas After Bridging

We’re proud to announce our Swap-for-Gas feature! 🎂 This will finally remove the complexities for new users requiring gas fees of GLMR. This gasless approach will streamline the simplicity for converting ANY coins > GLMR without the need for GLMR at the start!

Have a look here > Swap-for-Gas

What is the problem we’re solving?

Swap-for-Gas (S4G) is a novel feature that allow users to initially trade without the need for gas. We’re aware that many people do not have GLMR the first time they’re entering the Moonbeam network. Having GLMR is an absolute necessity as you have to pay the network fees for every transaction on Moonbeam using GLMR.

So if you do not have GLMR for network (gas) fees, what can you do?

  • Use StellaSwap’s Faucet to get free GLMR: To get free GLMR to get you started for the first transaction, you can use Faucet to get a little bit of GLMR. It’s free, but it is a manual affair and can be intimidating for new users.

  • Beg for GLMR in the Community: If you’re rushing and require GLMR asap, you may resort to asking the community for free GLMR. Some kind-hearted souls may help, but many would be out to scam you too.

  • Transfer GLMR from Centralized Exchanges: This assumes that you already have existing GLMR sitting on Binance or any other centralized exchanges. If not, then setting everything up would take time.

Introducing Swap-For-Gas: Finally, no need for Gas!

The above steps are solutions, but not really effective solutions. By that we mean there is varying degrees of complexity, manuality and inefficiencies. We’re hell-bent on creating solutions that make life very easy for anyone and everyone. That is why we decided to launch Swap-for-Gas.

With Swap-for-Gas, you can skip all previously cumbersome solutions and just make your first few traders without the need for GLMR gas. Yes, you read that right 👉. Imagine bridging USDC to Moonbeam and converting your USDC straight into GLMR without requiring GLMR gas. That’s exactly why Swap-For-Gas will make live easier. No more stressing about how you’re gonna get GLMR.

Supported Coins to Begin

Swap-for-Gas will be a one-way swap, where users will convert any coin > GLMR. The list of supported coins at first will be:

  • BUSD

  • AVAX

  • WBTC


  • FTM

What about any other coins?

For unsupported coins, users can still get free GLMR manually through our Faucet following this guide.

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