Gas Refund

Everything to know about StellaSwap's gas refund program, including how to be eligible and claim

StellaSwap's has recently launched Gas Refund program to award xSTELLA holders and increase the utility for it's governance token. xSTELLA is StellaSwap's revenue-distribution token, where protocol revenues would be shared to those who stake STELLA.

Read the launch article here.

TLDR (Summary)

1. If you hold xSTELLA you would be eligible for partial or full gas refund for any transaction you perform on StellaSwap

2. Users spent gas amount will be refunded in $STELLA

3. To be eligible you need to stake STELLA for the whole period between first transaction and refund claim

4. Eligible refunds will be based on the amount of xSTELLA you hold;

How to Participate in Gas Refund

Step 1: First, you have to stake STELLA token. You can visit xSTELLA page to deposit your STELLA tokens and convert them to xSTELLA.

Simply input the amount and click on Stake .

Once you hold xSTELLA, you will be eligible for gas refunds for any transaction you do on StellaSwap based on the amount of xSTELLA staked

To Check, head to Swap page, input amount and you will see your gas refund level.

To claim rewards, click on your wallet address in the top right corner.

On your wallet information you will be able to see the refund level, amount of STELLA for refund and be able to claim it at the start of each month. i.e 1st of August.

You can only claim on the 1st of each subsequent month.

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