Transfer coins from other blockchain networks <> Moonbeam

Have tokens on other blockchain networks and want to migrate them to Moonbeam? StellaSwap's bridge feature supports moving tokens from a variety of blockchain networks that include Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, and Polygon to Moonbeam network and vice versa.

What is a Bridge and Why Is It Important?

Bridges represents a core function in the DeFi world; they address the issue of fragmented liquidity across blockchains by facilitating efficient transfer of capital across different networks. For example, if you want to exploit the high APYs on StellaSwap's ETH-USDT LP farm, the easiest way is to transfer your existing ETH or USDT from Ethereum network into Moonbeam network. This requires a bridge that support asset transfer of ETH or USDT between Ethereum blockchain and Moonbeam.

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