Manage Out of Range Position

With Pulsar your already existing position might come out of range due to price action. This means that that you will no longer be receiving swap fees or farm rewards. Here is how to rectify an out of range position.

If your position is out-of-range, you WILL NOT earn any trade fees or farm rewards. It is important to re-manage your positions to be in range to start earning.

In the event the market price goes outside of your LP's price bounds, your position will be singularly concentrated in the less valuable asset. For example, if you provided liquidity between the price range of $0.30 ā€” $0.60 for GLMR/USDC and GLMR falls to $0.25, then your position will be entirely concentrated in GLMR. Conversely, if GLMR appreciates to $0.80, then your balance will be entirely concentrated in USDC.

Step 1: Identify Out of Range Position

Head to Dashboard page, you can see the status for In range and Out of range positions

Step 2: Remove Liquidity

Click on the Out of range position and remove liquidity. If you have deposited your NFT in farm withdraw liquidity from farm by clicking on Claim & Withdraw at the bottom then proceed to remove liquidity by clicking Remove

Step 3: Add In Range Liquidity

Re-do the steps for adding liquidity and add it in range.

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