Add Liquidity

Step by step guide to adding liquidity in Pulsar
Adding liquidity in Pulsar AMM V3 or concentrated liquidity is similar to standard AMM with just a few more steps. Here's what you'll need; 1. Pair of tokens to add liquidity 2. GLMR to pay gas transaction

Step 1: Create New Position

In Pulsar Pools page, click on + New Position or click on a featured pool's Deposit button.
Then click on Create New Position

Step 2: Select a Pair

Now you can select a pair by choosing tokens or from clicking any of the popular pairs. Once done click Select Range to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Select Range

Selecting range is a crucial step and would directly affect risk and return so choose carefully. You will have a list of ranges on the left with potential risk and profit to choose from, the smaller the range the more potential return. However that would also mean you will need to actively manage the position and might be out of range if the price of the token changes.
So for most users the standard range is recommended.
If you click on Expert option you can set your own range on the right by manually inputting the minimum and maximium price.
Once you have selected the range you want to go with click on Enter Amount to continue with next steps
Step 4: Enter Amount
Input the amount you would like to provide as liquidity. Once done click on Review & Confirm
A pop-up message will appear with your selected position, amount and range. Double check the numbers and click Confirm Supply. Then confirm your wallet transaction. If you are adding liquidity for the first time you will need to aprove contract first.

Success! You Have Managed to Add Liquidity

Once the transaction is confirmed you will see this unique NFT representing your position.
You can also go to Dashboard by clicking View Portfolio to view and manage your position.