Create Community Pool

A new tab in Pulsar just appeared labeled as Community Pools. Featured Pools is where bluechip and partner farms exist, community pools is the place where a group or an individual can launch their own farm and have it appear on community pools tab for others to see APRs and join.

Here is how to create a community pool

Step 1: Create New Position

On Pulsar, click + New Position to create a new position.

Step 2: Choose Pair

You will be directed to Add liquidity page, select the two tokens you want to create a pair for.

Step3: (Only applicable for new pairs) Set Initial Price

If you happen to be the first to provide liquidity for this pair ever, you will need to set the initial price for it. Our pair of choice is FRAX-DOT, and the initial price was extrapolated form USDT-DOT. Just enter how many A tokens needed to buy 1 B token to set the price.

Step 4: Select Range

Here you can select your range in relation to the current price. Hover over each range to see the description. the recommended range to go with is standard.

Step 5: Deposit Amounts

Input the desired amounts you want to deposit. The ratio between tokens is affected by your selected range.

Step 6: Review & Confirm

Click on Review & Confirm to proceed, a pop-up will appear with your choices, double check your selection and click Confirm Supply. Then Sign the wallet transaction

Success! You have created your position, if your pool has over $100 worth of liquidity it will automatically be populated in community pools.

Now other users and your community can see your pool, if there are swaps utilizing your pool you will see APR from trade fees. And anyone who clicks Deposit can enter your pool.

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