How to Bridge Solana (SOL) to Moonbeam

Step by step guide for bridging SOL from Solana Chain to Moonbeam. Using Wormhole Portal bridge.

Step 1: Possess SOL Tokens

Ensure you have SOL in your Solana wallet to cover gas cost for the bridge transaction.

Step 2: Open Bridge Page

Head to Portal Bridge page.

Step 3: Select Source and Destination Chains

Connect your Solana Wallet and your Moonbeam Wallet, then set the from Network to Solana and the To Network to Moonbeam

Step 4: Select Asset

Click on Asset and choose Solana. after selecting asset input the amount desired to bridge and hit Approve and proceed with transaction. After that a wallet-pop will come up, click confirm to proceed.

Step 5: Bridge Transaction Progress

As soon as you sign the bridge transaction, you will be able to watch it's progress. It should take few minutes for the transaction to go through.

Success! You Have Bridged Your Assets

Once you see Transaction Complete. Means your assets arrived to Moonbeam successfully.

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