How to Bridge BUSD from Binance Chain

Step by step guide to bridging assets from Binance Chain to Moonbeam.

Step 1: Head to Bridge Page

On StellaSwap Dapp navigate to Transfer and click Bridge or simply visit

Step 2: Input Chain and Token Info

Set From to Binance Smart Chain and To to Moonbeam Chain and Select BUSD as Token. Once set input the token amount you would like to bridge and hit Bridge BUSD.

Step 3: Confirm Bridge Details

A pop up will appear with summarized bridge information, click Bridge BUSD after double checking all, and confirm transaction in your wallet.

Note: This window will show you the status of the bridge transaction and will also allow you to redeem your assets on target chain so keep it open.

Step 4: Redeem Tokens

Once transaction is confirmed on origin chain, you will be able to click Next

Then you will be able to click Auto Redeem which will automatically transfer your bridged assets to your wallet. Just click the button and confirm transaction in wallet.

Success! You Have Successfully Bridged Your Assets

Once you see this screen, it will mean that you have received the assets on Moonbeam. You can click to view it in Moonbeam block explorer.

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