Faucet: How to Claim Free GLMR

In order to streamline the transfer of your assets from other blockchain networks to Moonbeam, StellaSwap has developed a Faucet to help you start your first transaction by giving you FREE GLMR tokens.

Why do I Need GLMR Tokens?

Interacting with a blockchain network, in this case the Moonbeam network, requires you to have GLMR, which is the native token of Moonbeam. You need to pay every transaction with gas. Therefore, a common issue for first users on a new blockchain is the difficulty in getting the native token. That is why we have decided to launch Faucet to help you get started.

How to Claim Free GLMR from StellaSwap's Faucet

Step 1: Bridge Asset to Moonbeam

Ensure that you have bridged your asset using StellaSwap's bridge. After bridging, do ensure that the status of your bridged transaction to Moonbeam is Complete.

Step 2: Click on StellaSwap's Faucet

Click on StellaSwap's Faucet at the page header and there will be a pop-up that looks like this:

Step 3: Input Transaction Hash (ID) of Moonbeam's Bridge Transaction

Copy and paste the transaction ID of the completed bridge transaction on Moonbeam, found on Blockscout, which is the block explorer for Moonbeam network.

Please do not input the transaction ID of the originating blockchain network (e.g. ETH or BSC). We can only process the transaction has (ID) of Moonbeam network found on Blockscout.

You can find the transaction ID by going to Blockscout and entering your wallet address, which should be the same address as your Metamask wallet address in other chains. Then, go to Token Transfer section on Blockscout and copy the TXID of the latest address. This is highlighted in black below:

Step 4: Done! GLMR Will Be Deposited to Your Wallet

Once done, you will be given 0.05 GLMR towards your Moonbeam wallet to start your first transaction!

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