How to Get wstDOT & Farm

Here is a step by step guide showing how to participate in StellaSwap's latest farm wstDOT-DOT.xc

What You Will Need

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    GLMR for gas

Step 1: Acquire Both DOT.xc & wstDOT

You need both tokens to participate in the farm, you can simply acquire DOT.xc & wstDOT by swapping on StellaSwap's Swap page or if you have DOT outside of Moonbeam you can use this guide to send it over using XCM.

Step 2: Convert DOT to stDOT on Lido

stDOT short for Staked DOT is a token provided by Lido representing your Staked DOT tokens. You can acquire stDOT by staking your DOT using Lido's facility. Start by heading over to and connect your wallet.
Enter the amount you would like to Stake and click on Unlock tokens to stake. Approve the wallet prompt, once its done click on Stake and sign transaction.

Step 3: Wrap stDOT

In this step you will be wrapping your staked DOT, a necessary step to participate in the farm. Head over to StellaSwap's Swap page, and select stDOT as input and wstDOT as output and click Wrap. You might notice that the rate is not 1:1, that is because the amount of stDOT you get per wstDOT goes up overtime to reflect earned rewards from Lido.

Step 4: Pool Tokens

Once you have acquired both tokens you can head to StellaSwap's Pool page. You can find it under Earn <> Pool
Make sure you are in Standard AMM tab and click on Add
Simply choose wstDOT & DOT.xc tokens, input amount and click Confirm Adding Liquidity

Step 5: Stake LP Tokens in Farm

Finally to start earning rewards just head to StellaSwap's farm page to stake tokens in farm. You can find it by hovering over Earn<>Farm.
Find wstDOT-DOT.xc farm, enter max amount and click Stake

Done! You are now earning triple rewards