Pulsar Farming

Guide for Farming On Pulsar

This guide will explain how to farm when you have an active position, to add liquidity check out the previous page.

Step 1: Select Position

When you have a liquidity position with an active farm that you can join you will be able to tell by visiting the dashboard page, on the position you will a Farm Now button indicating that you can join the farm. Click the button Farm Now to proceed

Alternatively you can go to Pools page and select a Pool you already have an existing position in with rewards and click on Deposit

Step 2: Select NFT for Farming

A pop-up message will come up with your active positions in the pair, select your NFT and click Approve Position. Each NFT represents a unique liquidity provider position with a number assigned to it, you can check your NFT LP in Dashbaord page.

Confirm transaction in your wallet

Step 3: Deposit

once approved you can click on Deposit and sign the subsequent transaction in your wallet.

If you see the following message that would mean that you have successfully deposited your NFT position in the farm and would start earning rewards, click on Go to Dashboard to view your position

Step 4: Claim Rewards

In your Dashboard you should see a Farming with a green dot on your position indicating that you are actively farming

Click on the position to expand it to view all information

Then Claim to receive your earned rewards, once you confirm transaction in your wallet you will have your earned tokens.

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