Migrate Liquidity From V2 to Pulsar

How to use the liquidity migrator tool to easily transfer your V2 LP to V3

Step1: Click to Migrate LP

More than one way to migrate your liquidity, either head to the link the banner on farm page, or find your V2 farm that you want to migrate and click migrate LP to Pulsar on that farm.

Step 2: Confirmation Pop-up

A confirmation pop-up will come up, asking you to only proceed if you have already unstaked tokens from farm, as migrating will not work if you are still in farm. If you have already unstaked proceed to migration tool. If not click No, and unstake from farm first.

Step 3: Unstake From Farm

To unstake from farm click on MAX and Unstake, then sign the confirmation transaction. Simple as that.

Step 4: Migrate Now

After you unstake successfully, click on Migrate LP to Pulasr and click on Migrate Now to head to migration tool. On the page you will see your V2 positions ready for migration, click on it to expand and then click migrate.

Step 5: Choose Range

In this step you have to choose the range you want to provide we recommend going with conservative range. Feel free to read more about Pulsar and setting ranges.

After choosing range click on approve to approve contract, once done sign the transaction and you will have successfully migrated your liquidity to Pulsar.

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