How to Send Polkadot (DOT) to Moonbeam Using XCM

This guide will take you through depositing XC-20 assets to Moonbeam. Here's a primer on XC-20. In this tutorial Polkadot (DOT) will be used. Before you proceed, you will need the following items ready:
1. DOT balance on your wallet 2. MetaMask Wallet 3. Polkadot.js wallet extension
If you don't have any of the mentioned items or you have your Polkadot balance on a centralized exchange like Binance, then click this guide to get you ready.

Step 1: Open Moonbeam Dashboard

Head to Moonbeam Dashboard by clicking here, or visiting

Step 2: Deposit DOT

Find Polkadot in Cross Chain Assets panel and click on deposit. A prompt to Connect Polkadot.js will come up, click on Connect.

Step 3: Allow Application Access

Polkadot.js pop-up will come up. Click on Yes, allow this application access.

Step 4: Deposit to Moonbeam from Polkadot

On the next window, set origin chain to Polkadot, and choose your address from drop down menu. Next enter your desired amount and click send.

Step 5: Sign Transaction

Click Sign the transaction when it comes up. Once done your assets should arrive in less than a minute.

Step 6: Add Token Address to MetaMask

Moonbeam dashboard will show token balance once assets arrive. To see your assets in MetaMask wallet click on add to MetaMask.

Step 7: Confirm Adding Token

Click on Add Token to confirm when MetaMask notification comes up.


You have successfully sent XC-20 asset to Moonbeam, you can now see your asset on Metamask and pool, farm, send or withdraw xcDOT as you would any other erc-20 asset.