How to Send Acala AUSD to Moonbeam via XCM

Here is a step by step guide to sending Acala AUSD to Moonbeam from Acala parachain.

Step 1: Ensure you Have Necessary Tokens in Wallet

You will need AUSD to send across as well as ACA to pay for trasnfer fees.

Step 2: Head to Cross Chain Assets Transfer

Visit and connect your MetaMask Wallet.

Step 3: Deposit

In the Cross Chain Assets section, find AUSD and click deposit.

Step 4: Enter Amount

Enter the amount you would like to send and click send

Step 5: Approve wallet transaction

polkadot{.js} pop-up will come up, sign the transaction

Step 6: Wait for Confirmation

Deposit transaction might take up to a minute, you can view the progress on the pop-up message on the right or click to view it in explorer

Step 7: Add xcaUSD to Wallet

At this point, you have sent across Acala AUSD to Moonbeam, what is left is adding it to your MetaMask wallet in order to interact with it. Click on add to wallet, and click Add Token when pop-up appears.


You have managed to send Acala AUSD to Moonbeam and can now send, swap, pool and farm with it on Moonbeam and StellaSwap.