How to Add Liquidity in Stable AMM

In order to participate in StellaSwap's farms and start generating yields, you have to provide liquidity first by staking two assets to get an LP token. An LP token is a token that you will receive for providing liquidity of 2 coins into a specific pool. For instance, staking anyETH and madETH (under the correlated-asset/stable AMM) will generate Dual ETH LP token, which can be used to stake on StellaSwap's Farms to start earning APR returns. Staking on correlated-asset/stable AMM is similar to the regular pool except for two things:
1. You can get LP token by depositing only one token only 2. Swap fees are 0.04% instead of 0.25%

Step1: Ensure you Posses Underlying Pool Token(s)

If you want to stake in the Dual ETH pool you will need to have one of the two assets madETH or anyETH. If not, you get the tokens by using StellaSwap's Swap feature. Here is a guide for Swap.​

Step2: Go to StellaSwap and Connect Wallet

Visit StellaSwap's Pool page. As its name suggest, Pool allows users to "pool together" their 2 assets for providing liquidity. Connect your wallet by clicking on the Connect Wallet pink button on the top right. Make sure to click the toggle button Stable AMM to pool in the newly launched Stable AMM.

Step3: Add liquidity

On this page you can choose to add both assets in equal quantity or just one of the asset. For adding just one asset, the pool will automatically swap half of it and deposit both assets in equal value. In the picture example we are depositing only madETH, but will receive LP token for depositing both anyETH-madETH assets. Click Add to add liquidity. Approve contract if using for the first time.

Step4: Confirm MetaMask Message

Confirm transaction pop-up message on your wallet.

Success! You have Done it!

When transaction gets confirmed, you will have succesfully pooled your assets in StellaSwap's Stable AMM